| the gringa |

gringa: [gring-gah] - noun
English speaking white female usually from the United States.

diary: [dahy-uh-ree] - noun
A notebook containing one's personal thoughts, feelings, plans, attitudes, observations, and the like. People like to read other peoples' diaries.
There are a lot of gringas and blogs out there... what makes this one worth listening to?

Well, it's a diary and so anything goes.  And you should feel special reading any woman's diary. Need I say more? No.  But I will...

Lets create a new term: interculturalist gringa. I choose not to be afraid to really know myself and explore beyond what's comfortable, I am forever a student and maybe you'll see me as a teacher. I don't know. But for sure I'll make mistakes, you get to watch them.  I seek to build bridges where there are gaps.  And create a life of adventure worth writing about.

un besito

*Definitions thanks to Urban Dictionary.