13 September 2011

be here. now.

as a traveler at heart, my mind is often wandering about... thinking about my next trip or seeking out the next opportunity for travel.  what i have come to realize that when i do that, i am neither here nor there and i'm not exactly sure where that place exists.   i want to practice being here, now. not tomorrow or later or yesterday, but i am here, now.  

here's some inspiration, and a little blog that talks a bit more about it. how do you practice living in the present and experiencing the now? 

08 September 2011

the magic of flying

i do not like to fly. but i am a traveler, so, its a necessary hurdle that i must get over every time i embark on a journey.  my least favorite part is take off and landing, however... it is also the most magical moment.

it is when i am slightly removed from ground level and can see life from a new perspective...  close enough to see the details and complexity of life below, although everything is seemingly harmonious, organized and intentional. and its these moments of peacefulness that i feel the magic of flight.

in this same moment is when i feel the jet engines using all their might to lift the plane higher in altitude or keep it calmly coasting downwards. the immense control and precision the planes mechanics are striving for surround me.  its this strange time when... the world i'm so used to interacting with on a daily basis, is suddenly below me, through a picture window, like a short film, the images flash between clouds and fog, the vantage point changing with every frame.  i'm engulfed by a loud humm that represents immense power and grace.

usually my heart is racing with anticipation to reach cruising altitude or feel the comfort of touching ground once again.  either way i look at it, its these moments of flying that i hate so much, but also appreciate as part of the journey.