13 September 2011

be here. now.

as a traveler at heart, my mind is often wandering about... thinking about my next trip or seeking out the next opportunity for travel.  what i have come to realize that when i do that, i am neither here nor there and i'm not exactly sure where that place exists.   i want to practice being here, now. not tomorrow or later or yesterday, but i am here, now.  

here's some inspiration, and a little blog that talks a bit more about it. how do you practice living in the present and experiencing the now? 


  1. Love this! Fabulous reminder. My mum has a hippie book with the same title...

  2. it's so true! sometimes I remember it and I think "i'm walking, the wind is on my face. i'm here, now." it totally shuts up all the $h*t in my head!!