01 August 2010

To Do in Perú

What exactly will I be doing in Peru? Good question.  Even better answer

• Living outside my comfort zone
• Chosing life outside the box
• Improving my Spanish abilities
• Sleep well (naps!)
• Eat well
• Worry less
• Dance more! (learn la Salsa)
• Be spontaneous
• Never be on time
• Take a cooking class (in Spanish!)
• READ (never have time in the states, somehow there is more time in Peru - I think its a major US export or something)
• Own and ride a bike
• Learn to knit (learned to knit in Peru in January, but want to learn more stitches)
• Get a yellow fever vaccine
• Visit the Jungle
• Machu Picchu & Inca Trail
• Visit Chiclayo, Mancora, Cajamarca
• Write an article for an English newspaper or website
• Join local Expat Associations
• Go to the dentist (hey its cheaper and will be a cultural experience!)
• Swim in the Pacific Ocean South of the Equator
• Eat as much Ceviche as humanly possible
• Learn how to make a Pisco Sour
• Travel to Chile, Argentina, Colombia
• Avoid Winter (and Cold weather in general)
• Learn the bus system of Lima
• Drive a car
• Teach English (i.e. job, make money)
• Visit international schools and learn about teaching opportunities
• Volunteer in Villa El Salvador
• Learn about Peruvian history
• Learn about the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso)
• Learn about the Japanese, Chinese and Afro-Caribbean immigrants of Peru
• more to come...


  1. Wow that's a very ambitious list! Did you get them all done? :) I lived in Lima for a year and (unrelatedly) married a Peruvian.

  2. ugh! sadly I never made it back to Peru. My sister got engaged in my plans to leave and then I got a job (by accident!) i stayed in California another year, but left and went to Mexico instead. I'd love to go back to Peru - GREAT PLACE. Really lovely people.