04 June 2012


I guess its time I came out with it.  It took me a minute to feel comfortable saying it.  But truth be known,
(as in Spain/España/Europe/OMG/WTF)

So, let me catch you up... Back in October I submitted an application to be a teaching assistant in Spain.  It was a "just in case" plan.  For those in my life that think I always have something up my sleeve, well this time it was Spain. oops.  Here we are in June and I have officially been accepted into the position. (bureaucracy in Spain is a little slow).

I have been finger printed, got an FBI report (no records uncovered, phew!), the Secretary of State gave me the official Apostille stamp, I have my four passport size photos, my visa application, official record of my health, immunizations and mental sanity (dumb luck), I have proof of employment, savings (pennies), income, planned travel itinerary (unplanned), a new passport (brand spankin new!), photocopies of passport, a money order for the visa, a visa appointment (July 3rd) and let me see...

Am I forgetting anything? Probably.

My employment is through a grant from the Ministry of Education - better known as the Language and Cultural Assistants of Spain program. The position is part time, so I am also actively seeking consulting and interning opportunities with SEITAR and other intercultural firms.  Of course I will also stay active with InterNations and you know me... networking like crazy :)

I am designing my new Madrid life via Pinterest --- and dancing around the blogosphere of expats in Spain... slowly its starting to feel REAL, but I still have a few months until I depart (in September).

As some of you know, I like to be warm (all the time).  I also like to be near the ocean (or at least water).  Madrid is neither near water or warm all the time.  So, it took my spoiled California gringa booty a moment to adjust to the idea of being in the MIDDLE of a country at 2,000ft above sea level sans agua. I had originally asked to be placed in Barcelona (partially because its called Barça for short, and I think the ç is really cool) and also because its near water and has a warmer climate.  However, the program was cancelled in Barça due to the financial crisis in Spain.  Oops.


I still have lots of things to figure out, like...

Where will I live?

What will my job be like?

Will I start speaking Spanish with a lisp

Will I root for Real Madrid or Barça?

Where do I begin?

(Wine regions of Spain)

Who will visit me first?


  1. So when's the big move? You must be so excited! And I'm very jealous :)

  2. Wow! How exciting :) Congrats!

  3. I have the answer to some of those questions:

    - You will live in an apartment which will cost you less than it would have cost you a year ago, since rent prices are going down as the never-ending crisis continues.

    - You will root for Real Madrid, for sure, or we'll kick you out of town. Then in May/June you will celebrate Real Madrid's 10th Champions League, "la Décima".

    - You will learn to pronounce your "z"s and "c"s correctly.

    - You will be happy the Barcelona program was cancelled. Barcelona is a gorgeous city which you can always visit for a weekend, but it's becoming a theme park with all that massive tourism.

    But most importantly, Madrid is also a great place to live, people here are friendlier, nightlife is better and you will be able to learn MUCH more Spanish here than you would in Barcelona, where half of what you'd hear/read would be in a different language, close enough to Spanish to make you confused but not enough for you to understand it, most of the time.

    I heard your interview on Re-Entry taboo. It was very interesting. Looking forward to meeting you in Madrid, guapa.

    1. jajaja thanks Daniel! Glad you enjoyed the interview, stay tuned for more updates soon! A few in the works...