30 April 2012

Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day

This weekend is Cinco de Mayo - and let me clear something up for you,

This weekend, gringos far and wide dress in ponchos and fake-mustaches to celebrate all things they love Mexican.  Let's face it: Cinco de Mayo has become a tequila and nachos holiday.

So who cares? Why does this matter?

Because you will have more friends if you know this
Because it's easy to know this
Because you shouldn't need a reason to dispel a stereotype

Stereotypes can do a lot of harm, provide good material for comedy, but ultimately they divide us in our relationships with each other.

Cinco de Mayo represents a battle won against the French in 1862 - READ THIS: 40 years AFTER Mexican Independence.  The two events are significantly NOT related. Independence day for Mexico is September 16th.

Therefore Cinco de Mayo is like 4th of July

Whats it about?
It symbolizes unity and pride amongst the States of Mexico that resulted in the victory of the Battle of Puebla (Note: yes, they also have states in Mexico - check out a Mexican coin it says "The United States of Mexico"- And just like in the good old US of A state-pride is a very strong cultural element - kind of like when people say "I'm Texan first, American second" - same idea here people)

<--- Estados Unidos Mexicanos

So, this year celebrate ¡MÉXICO!
Drink your tequila, eat your burrito* and celebrate STATE PRIDE and UNITY of a NATION and how we can be better neighbors and friends to our vecinos del sur.

*burritos are more a gringo thing - not traditional Mexican

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  1. Heck yes! In Mexico, they hardly celebrate 5 de mayo.

    15 de Septiembre is when the big parties happen :)

    I do kinda want a sombrero bra, though.