25 April 2012

The Non-Conformity Club (You're Invited!)

I'm in the process of reneweing my passport.  I've had it nearly 10 years.  A few days after I got this passport I flew to London as a study abroad program... and that's when everything changed.  My naiveness evolved from not thinking Belgium had automobiles to a global traveler and lifelong adventurer

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." 
-Helen Keller-

Those close to me have a hard time keeping track of where I am and where I'm going... In the last 6 years I've lived in 7 cities and traveled to 5 countries.  I keep on thinking, eventually I'll stop, or slow down.  But then... I realized...

I'm not alone...

In fact, I'm actually quite tame in comparison to the others out there.  And I'm feeling inspired.  I thought I'd put together what I've found because maybe  you are looking for this also.

I really believe that my lifestyle is a choice..  If you have the slightest interest to see a bit more of the planet or just stop working from 8:30am - 6:30pm everyday... check out some of THESE OPTIONS!

Become a Professional Hobo, A Full Time Traveler, a Suitcase Entrepreneur - build your own Location Independent career.

Discover a whole world in the Art of Non-Conformity with this guy Chris who is traveling to every country in the world before he turns 30 and is inspiring a movement of nonconformists (not to mention a very lucrative business....) He teaches you how to be a Travel Hacker (get enough frequent flyer miles to travel for free, often), Find Freedom out of the 9 - 5...  and Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel Around the World.

Learn how to turn your Briefcase into a Backpack and Earn Money, While You Travel, be a globe trotter with a Successful Travel Blog, be a Photopreneur or Illustrator Anywhere (and get paid!)

Good luck! and be sure to report back with any other non-conformity tips you come across...


  1. Ashley Houston26/4/12 6:28 AM

    Loving your blog, Vanessa! I couldn't agree more with this post and am finding the resources just wonderful!

  2. So glad you have been tuned into Chris' work! He is going on a book tour - check his site for locations. He is coming to Chapel Hill in May and I'm looking forward to being seriously inspired! :)