25 April 2012

Countdown to Summer

June 1st is just around the corner and I'm using it as my own personal marker for countdown to summer (When is Solstice anyway...?)  And that is also a good excuse to use these next 5 weeks really focusing on my health inside and out. After a few weeks of regular wine and cookie consumption, I'm turning things around!  I'm going to create some mini-goals for the next 5 weeks and see how I can lead into summer feeling fabulous.


Kickstarting first 2 weeks (April 25 - May 9th) 

  • Daily 90 minutes of Bikram yoga
  • No wine
  • Daily cleanse supplements for liver & digestion

As well as... 
  • 40 Days of Daily food Journaling
  • 3 Meditation (non-yoga) classes
  • Go Gluten free for a 5 day period
  • Daily multi-vitamin and calcium pills

The Goals
  • Accomplishing all of the above listed lifestyle changes and observe how I feel and what changes for me, that's it. 
  • My goal is not to lose a specified amount of weight, or inches.  I just want to feel cleansed, healthy, and renewed.  I love the summer and I want to start it feeling great.  This is my organized master plan.  I think weight loss will be inevitable - but more as a side effect of the other goals

Wish me luck... 

1 comment:

  1. Ashley Houston26/4/12 6:21 AM

    Love this commitment and achievable plan! It's inspiring and motivating for me too:)

    Good luck!