24 April 2012

There's No Shame in a being a Girly Globetrotter

The friends in my life would give you a mixture of telling you that I'm either a girly or that I'm totally not.  Basically, I'm both.  I like to get my girl on, and also mostly can't be bothered to care.  Doing my hair is far too much work than its worth.  However, I do like a nice barbie pink polish for my pedicure, I love a nice perfume or blingy watch, jewelry is a prerequisite for the day, but converse and good walking boots are far preferred than Manolos.  When I travel though... I will be damned if I wear fisherman pants and Tom's.

I promise you I will smell nice, have on some makeup and at least one cute accessory.  And this is less a statement of my girliness and more a statement of I'm not a hippy or privelaged person from the US that dresses like and smells like compost.  For some reason, there is a demographic (fairly large) of US global-travelers who decide to wear their most casual, crappy, stained-on, holes-in and stinky clothes when they travel.

My international friends have had a fair amount of fun commenting on this.  It's like there is this idea of going out into the wild, where utilitarian clothing is needed and fashion, esthetic goes out the window.   I try to do my best to blend and adopt the local appropriate fashion.   I don't wear running shoes all day and I am sure to bring a fashionable belt and a scarf to at least try accessorize and not be burdened with extra luggage.  It doesnt take much effort, and it helps a lot in not being typed as... well being the ugly hippy from United States.  I look pretty gringa-as-they-come but have been confused for European, Argentinian and even Mexican which I account to these small and fairly effortless fashion adjustments.

Here is a picture of me climbing the archeology site of Edzna in the sweltering Yucatan. A simple belt, vest, and very functional hat don't add anything bothersome and stop me from looking homely and like a back-packing hippy.

I heavily rely on sundresses which are uber-comfortable and effortlessly cute.

I just recently discovered a new, soon-to-be-favorite, fashion item that is cheap, easy, won't add space to your luggage, its fun... and yes, totally girly.

Check out these BLING NAIL Stickers... I know I sound totally rediculous, however its actually a great financial option.  For only $5 these easy-to-apply stickers look great and last about ten days.  Considering most manicures cost about $10 and last only a few days before they start to chip, I'm totally excited about this find.  It's easy to apply, doesnt smudge, no dry-time and really great design and color options.  Everyone is loving them too. I've gotten stopped by men, women, old and young being curious about my fabulous $5 manicure.  There's a great selection at Sephora.


  1. Love this post. You are too cute Vanessa!

  2. Those stickers are so cute! and I'm always a fan of a sundress.