29 April 2012

My own personal Bikram Bootcamp, Part 1

I'm putting myself through 14 days of personal Bikram Bootcamp!  I got a 2 week unlimited pass from Bikram Walnut Creek for only $30 and so I'm going to maximize my savings and go 14 days consecutively... here's whats going on in the first five days...

Day 1
OMG... I can't breathe and lifting my pinky feels like 100lbs

Day 2
It doesnt feel as hot, I can do this... uhhh OW... my knee just... popped, not in a good way

Day 3
Day off due to knee injury (see above)

Day 4
Am I sweating? I can't even notice anymore. This is not so bad...

Day 5
I do not want to go to class. Bleh.  Ok, I'm going. Wow this is so hard, I cannot make it! ugh, get me out of here. Ok, I did it. I'm a warrior.  YES.

I didnt realize... 
That every Bikram class is exactly the same routine, in the same order. The same series of the same poses. There is no beginner or advanced, there is all the same.  The benefits of this is that you can know how much longer the class will be depending on what pose you are in... This is a Bikram routine:

Other personal Observations thus far... 

I had daily headaches the first 4 days.  You might say "dehydration" but believe me, I was hydrating A LOTand drinking 16 oz of Coconut water daily to get the electrolytes.  I can only guess that it was the process of cleansing out toxins, which brings me to...

The first day I sweat like it was nobodies business. It was insane.  And I'm not a person who sweats easily, I never have been.  Therefore the amount of liquids pouring out of me was impressive! Now, I'm sweating less and...

The first three classes afterwards my workout clothes were pretty stinky, but this is going away now (perhaps more toxins being reduced).

From my perspective Bikram is not a strength-building workout at all.  I never got sore like after a good weighlifting session.  For strength building other exercise will be added to my regular routine.

It didnt take long for the OM/happy/joy/yay effects to really ramp up.  I felt totally happy most days and an effortless happy.  My mind was less of a war zone and more like a playground of fun.  This alone, is a reason to do Bikram. After class (and a shower) I usually felt like a new born baby, totally refreshed. GREAT STUFF.

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