19 May 2012

The Beach in Me

I'm a coastal girl.  Take me anywhere in the world and if the ocean is near me, I'm happy.  
There is something about growing up near the ocean that makes me never want to be away from it.  Maybe its the fact that the human body is 80% water, perhaps we used to be mermaids (merpeople? mersons?) or maybe its because thats what makes EARTH unique from all the other planets in the galaxy - WE GOT WATER.  Who knows.  I'm not here for some philosophical rant or even a mushy-gushy ode to the ocean.   What I'm trying to say is that I've learned a thing or two from the beach!

Humans United, woot!

Ever been to a beach in Thailand? Or Japan? Or India? or Mexico? or the US?  Notice anything...?  Everyone does the exact same thing:

We swim
We relax
We sit
We read
We jump
We giggle
We play
We build things with sand
We snack
We spend time with family and friends
We drink beer
We enjoy the moment
We allow ourselves some freedom


Humans are drawn to beaches.  And pretty much do the exact same stuff, and have for a long time.  Beaches are a place for leisure, relaxation, calmness and being free.  So, if I'm right.... that means that we all kind of seek the same pleasure/enjoyment/sense of just being in the moment and having a little fun.

If these waves could talk...

I was at the beach one day and I was noticing the marks where the tide had come in and gone out.  I thought - Wow, it does that everyday.


Since...... ??? I don't know how old this beach is.

"Beach- How old are you?"

Millions (or billions?) of years?  This beach has been here for a while.  The waves are constantly coming and going, THEY NEVER STOP.  It is a consistent rythym, and for what point?  Does it need a point?

The sand is old too.  Wait, what the hell is sand? Where has it been? How many times has it come and gone? I guess it used to be a shell, or fossil or a rock, but how many times has it been something else and become sand and then done it it all over again?

Ok so maybe I'm getting a little lalalala here... Or maybe you get me.

When I'm at the beach, I always have the feeling of "ahhhh, livin the good life"

Every. Time.

There's just something special and I never can get enough.  I have a wonderment for the ocean.

Maybe you do too?

Just think for a second.... the fact that the WAVES and the TIDES are related to the MOON (WTF?) is just crazy.  And I realize - what the hell do I know?  I'm just one person, one lil dot on this teeny lil planet in this infinite galaxy, in a tiny lil blip of history that is part of something much much bigger than me.  This beach has been here FOREVER.  And Millions of people have pressed their foot in the sand and made a mark, and the waves have washed over it... over... and over again.   And that's when I realize worrying about my salary or my to-do list or how many people follow me on twitter, just.... doesn't. matter. at. all.

Photo by Alfredo Fiori

Then comes the moment... When everything matters less.  And I feel


Ok, so if others all over the world are heading to the beach for the same relaxation---- to just enjoy and just BE... then maybe,


hear me out here... MAYBE they've thought similar things too...

And... that makes me feel like I'm connected to EVERY PERSON on the planet in some lil way

That we are all equally part of this whole planet/moon/universe/galaxy thing, and then I feel like


Life Is Awesome

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