07 May 2012

How to hug yourself?

I know, I know...

So if I haven't lost you already, hear me out.  Try to put aside your defenses against all things cheesy, corny, sappy and mushy and just hear me out!

I think we can all agree that life has its ups and downs and keeping a positive outlook is a good approach to making the most of life.  I can say that I've been doing a pretty good job lately.  I've been taking the good, leaving the bad and pretty upbeat most of the time.

But lets face it... the work it takes to reprogram the brain to think "can do"; "glass 1/2 full"; "positive side of things" takes work and a lot of practice.  And nobody can do it 100% of the time. The moments when it just happens naturally is pretty awesome(!!!) and the moments when it doesn't are when we practice.

I've been on the up and up for a few weeks or months now, I kind of lost track.  I'm seeing the fun in the daily and rolling with what life hands me.  Stressing and worrying less, flowing and growing more.  But then recently... I just got sad.  Just sad. No good reason, not really sure why. It just happened.  And ya know, I just wanted a hug.

For those single folks out there, you probably totally get me. And in all honesty, those in relationships too. Because the person you are with isn't always there, or doesn't realize when you need a hug, or maybe they just don't hug you enough. And maybe, sometimes we just don't know how to ask for one.

Generally, it's not good to rely on outside sources to give me what I need on the inside.  So, then what? Well, I have to do it for myself.  What I've learned about being happy, is to tap into my inner source and give myself what I need, that way anything that comes externally is bonus material and nobody is obligated to fill a void. Therefore if that external source goes away, I'm still good with me. If nobody is giving me compliments, I give myself a few. If nobody is paying attention to me, I give myself some. If nobody is noticing how hard I'm working, I notice.  It works pretty well with a lot of things.  But hugs? I haven't figured that one out yet.

Ok, let's lighten the mood a bit... :)

Happy-hug-me-Monday* everyone!

*I just made that up, but I like it, and I'm gonna add it to my personal philosophy on Mondays.

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