05 May 2012

I'll settle for adventure.

I gotta get out of here. Again.

I had that feeling creep up on me again today. It just came out of nowhere. I was driving home from the grocery store on a beautiful Saturday morning. All is well and fine. The day couldn't be more lovely!  But I just gotta get out of here.  I feel uninspired and things are so simple. Life is easy and uneventful.  I have a great life, its so great and so easy and so... blah.

Being, the adventuress that I am, I think LETS GO SOMEPLACE NEW!  I love new, new exciting, difficult, challenging, adventurous and interesting.

And then, I think - when will I stop resorting to that option? When will I be able to just sit still and be content? And find joy in a familiar, regular routine. Are other people happy sitting still and being in the same place all the time?  Is it possible?  Or is that why there's so much cheating, lying, stealing, deceit and pointless drama (example: The Kardashians)? Do people just need something new and exciting in their lives?  I don't know the answer, but I just wonder...

There is this whole gigantic world out there with so many people, places, experiences, adventures, journeys, wanderings, new things, old things, fun and excitement!  And me? I'm the kid in the candy store, and I want to try everything!  I feel excited and exhilarated!  Even when I encounter those bad, and yucky bits - I'm glad that I got to discover what I don't like so that when I find what I do like - it's bliss!

What is it for me? Is it the travel? the globetrotting? The living simply so I dont have to work full time? the newness? the challenges? I'm not really sure, to tell you the truth.

I could just keep on living like this forever. It's my life and I get to decide what I make of it.  There just seems to be this nagging from society, or inside me or who knows where, this mentality that...  "Well, eventually, I will settle down".


Ugh. What a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad word.

That is the antithesis of my life. 

But then again, don't get me wrong: I want a career, a partner in life, and of course a few kids.  There's many conventional things about me. I love cooking and inviting friends over.  Love having a gym membership and making friends with the staff at my local grocery store. I can be quite domestic, really.

However, the pulse for adventure and newness is so core to my essence, I just have to live my way. Which is usually pretty confusing. But, I just have to trust in myself. And, I suppose that is my journey.


  1. Keep living your way! You are having some amazing adventures and have friends all over the world. I think that is incredible. You are an amazing person and I'm proud to call you my friend.

  2. I think you should keep on living how you want to! You seem pretty happy, and I'm jealous of all your travels.

    I made a big move 7 years ago, and I'm prety happy settling in here. I wouldn't be surprised if I have 2 or 3 more dramatic location changes in my lifetime along with lots of traveling, but in general I like to have a "home". :)