17 May 2012

Social Media Takes Over my Life

I started blogging recently and its been a waterfall of SOCIAL MEDIA ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

Wow.  I didn't see that coming. I thought Twitter was lame (I still kind of do!)

I was one of the last of my friends to create a Pinterest.

Facebook and I have relationship issues.

I started my blog 2 years ago and ignored it for the last year and 10 months.

So what gives?  Well, I'm a SOCIAL person and I can do it all day long and in my sleep wherever I may be.  But what else? Because you can make money off it.  You can get a job.  Make friends.  Build a following (woot! I feel popular).

Put that all together and it feels like I am creating a path for myself that's leading to something.... something I'm gonna like a whole lot.  I don't know what it is yet, but something is brewing.

Basically being social means creating connections.  Creating connections leads to opportunity and discovery. And that is GOOD STUFF.

I'm no expert, but here are some resources around getting a job, marketing yourself and building your skills and a career using Social Media

Social Media Misc...

  • Check out one of my favorite sites - The Suitcase Entrepreneur and sign up for her newsletter, get a free eBook on Social Media Workout! 
  • Danielle Sleeper gives her feedback on what worked and what didn't using social media in job searching in the field of International Education. Check it out
  • Other favorite person is Lea Woodward who built a business educating others of how to create a Location Independent Career (Read: You get travel/live anywhere)!
  • AND WHO DOESNT LOVE THIS NAME: SheTakesOntheWorld.com <--- YES!  Check out Natalie MacNeil and her online business that rocks and how she is using social media and online marketing to have fun and live a life she designs. (I'm next! I'm next!) 
Pinterest - its the new hottest thing!

HAVE FUN! And find me 


  1. Wohoo you go girl and welcome to my world. You can also step away from it to get perspective too and focus on the sites where your customers are AND you enjoy using. You don't need to be everywhere!

    PS thanks for the lovely shout out

  2. Great advice! Great session today. I'm totally pumped!

  3. Ashley Houston17/5/12 8:06 PM

    Such a nice mention-THANK YOU!

  4. you're welcome! you totally rocked it with the resources :)

  5. Thanks for the mention, Vanessa! There definitely something to be said about being a social person offline--I wouldn't worry too much about being a social media Luddite. Life isn't going to happen in cyberspace vacuum.
    That said, social media has taken over my life because I see it as just plain fun :)

  6. I so agree!! I'm doing lots of experimenting and seeing what pays off the most. next week my goal is in-person networking events :)

  7. Great to 'find' you on so many sites! And bizarre that our posts were so similar and close together in posting dates. Great minds think alike :)