04 May 2012

Get the stomach flu & you'll feel better about life

I got the stomach flu this week, or maybe it was food poisoning, I'm not sure, but the point is I was laid up in bed for 36 hours (or hugging the toilet) and it was not fun.   Today I'm back in action! Not 100% recovered yet able to be out of bed, productive and active. woohoo! It's a great feeling.

When I got up today and had enough energy to shower and go downstairs for a cup of tea, it was like "wow! today is off to a great start!"  Suddenly, the simplest thing is a great accomplishment.

It reminds me of when I hurt my back, at 18 I herniated three discs (L4, L5, S1) - ouch!  Talk about a crappy beginning to the first of official "adult" status.  It was horrible.  It took months to diagnose because all the doctors said I was too young to have this kind of pain (therefore she must be lying).  Finally an MRI showed the evidence and more serious action was taken.  At that point though, things had already progressed and daily large doses of narcotic-based pain killers gave only some relief.  Definitely not enough to allow me to walk or move with out excruciating pain.  I fell off the radar and was home, bedridden for months.  I felt so sorry for myself thinking of all the other 18 year olds frolicking about without even thinking of how lucky they were.

But then, things changed and I realized that I was the lucky one.  I had this painful experience that gave me a lot of appreciation for a pain free life (when it finally did come).   I made a promise to myself that if I'm ever able to take the stairs again, I will skip the elevator and do so, because I'll be so lucky to have that kind of mobility again!  I've stayed true to this, and even if its a 12th floor, I'm hiking it all the way up, no complaining.

I've built a lifestyle that includes yoga, pilates, bikram, swimming and weight lifting, regular visits to acupuncturist and chiropractor which all have resulted in beyond-the-back benefits that have turned my whole life into a healthier happier one.  The benefits are endless.

I had a plain piece of toast for breakfast today, and I ate really slowly, savoring every bite. It was the best toast, ever.

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